Monday, 27 February 2012

Of Misty Mountains and Kendal Mint Cake

When the Ginge asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I half expected myself to suggest a long list of much coveted things such as thisthis and this. When it actually came to it, however, my answer was somewhat different. What I truly wanted, perhaps needed, was some time with my boy in beautiful, quiet and simple surroundings. So, this weekend, the Ginge and I took ourselves off to the Lake District. It was nothing fancy, but then neither are we. We stayed in a restored miner's cottage near Coniston, spent our days walking in the mountains and our evenings cooking hearty food, playing with maps and revisiting our love of the Lord of the Rings. I took my birthday cards with me and made sure I had regular slices of my two delicious cakes; my friend Claire's famous lemon drizzle and a coffee and walnut battenberg, which we're pretending was made by the Ginge (he was actually too busy, so I made it instead so that he wouldn't feel bad). Its simplicity was just the restoration that my heart needed and we both feel invigorated by the balance of rest, exercise and fresh air. We missed out on the spring sunshine, which some of you have been enjoying, but weirdly I think we enjoyed the ethereal mist and our nipped pink cheeks just as much. We really must do this sort of thing more often. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Recent Happenings and a Bit of Good News

It's at times like these that the little things, seem huge. The beautiful flowers from my parents, which lasted for weeks. Notes on pretty postcards, found tucked into the bed. The freshness of snow after two stuffy nights in A&E. Laughing our heads off when my Mum spilled a whole tin of paint on the bathroom floor. Cozy cups of coffee with my family squeezed around a little formica table. Our Valentine's cards sitting next to each other on the drawers beside the bed. The Ginge telling me that this is the most relaxed he has seen me in months and knowing that it's true. The messages and comments of concern and support that I have received from family, friends and from you lovely people who read my blog. It has actually been quite overwhelming and so very appreciated. Thank you so much! I have also had some really good news to celebrate - I got my first choice job for my first year of work and I couldn't be more thrilled. The long and short of it is that things are definitely on the up! It's a beautiful day outside; bright, milky sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. I've got that soaring feeling - I hope you have too.