Monday, 28 March 2011

Domestic Godessing

I have gone all 1950s and am house-wifing it up! 
It is a lovely sunny day, so I have hung out the washing to dry in the fresh air. There is nothing quite like doing things the old fashioned way. 
We desperately need to do something about the state of our yard. Unfortunately, we can't quite afford the money or the time to resurface it, at the moment, but I plan to pretty it up by planting lots of big tubs and pots of herbs and flowers. I wouldn't mind some vegetables, but I think it might be a bit late in the year to start. 
Vegetables rule! I can't get enough of them. Last night we had little baked beetroot, wrapped-up in their silvery parcels and courgettes roasted with oregano and rosemary. 
So pretty, so summery and so delicious. 
We also had chicken with lemon-thyme and garlic, washed down with lashings of salad and a cool glass of white wine. 
Unfortunately, it was so delicious that we had polished it off before I could get a picture of the finished results, but I can assure you that it was simply splendid. 

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