Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Sunday

 Big holidays, like Easter are very much seen as sacred(in the literal, rather than religious sense of the term) family time in our camp. We have lots of lovely traditions, most of which revolve around baking and eating as well as some less fattening ones such as the decoration of our easter tree. 

This year was slightly different, though no less delightful, as most of the weekend was taken up with the preparations for and celebration of the wedding of some very close family friends (more on that later), but we did manage to squeeze in a day of Eastery-loveliness on Sunday.
A scrumptious dinner in the garden.
Lamb roasted for four whole hours, with garlic, lemon, parsley and mint (fresh from the garden) and heaps of delicious homemade salads. 
I wish we could eat outside every day! 
Praline Easter Eggs - in a real egg box - for pudding!
My mum's beautiful flowers were in full-bloom...
...and there were tadpoles in the pond, growing very fat indeed! 
I couldn't resist taking a photo of the perfect summer house, my Dad built, complete with a great-grandma-special: crocheted blanket (I bet she'd love to know how in-vogue it would be now)... 
...and the tiny flowers around my favourite tree. 
We were so sad to have to leave, but made a final stop for a cup of tea in Bath... 
...not forgetting a very important slice of cake. 
Bring on the next Bank Holiday! 

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