Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Neighbourly Gardening and a Bonza Australian Send-Off

So, this week I am fighting tooth and nail against the fear that is gradually creeping up on me, in the approach to my big deadline. Butterflies don't cover it. Right now, it is all about finding small scraps of time and little, lovely moments to add a bit of colour and fun to each day. Here are the delightful things that got me through the weekend. Homemade lemon and spelt pancakes with yoghurt, honey and blueberries. Helping our elderly nextdoor neighbour to weed and replant her garden pots; petunias, geraniums, violas and heather. Tea and lemon drizzle cake in the sunshine. Baking an Australia-shaped pavlova for my friend, who is about to jet-off for nine weeks down under. Gobbling up the entire thing with teaspoon-wielding friends. Happy treacle. 

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