Monday, 2 May 2011

Thinking of Changing my Name

Well, not my name. The name of my blog. I chose 'bushel and a peck' because the words remind me of a lovely time I spent with my family in New England and I do like it, but for a while now, I have been feeling like it doesn't really represent exactly what I want to say or who I am now. Sorry to go all philosophical on you, but it has been niggling at me. It's a bit like wanting a new haircut - it won't change who you are and it will barely change what you look like, but you know it will make you feel that little bit more confident; that little bit more you. I shall think more on this and will give you fair warning, if I am going to change anything. It's a difficult decision. I feel very much the same as I did when faced with this sign...

Any thoughts? 


  1. it's such a tricky one.. I spent ages thinking of a name!

    I have to say though every time I see bushel and a peck I always smile.. mainly because I had to sing it when I was at school, guys and dolls me thinks.. but still I love the name for that!

    great sign - which one did you choose.. Tea or shop..?

  2. You, Mrs. Wellies, have cheered me up and set me to rights.

    Would you believe, that I didn't know there was a song? As I mentioned, I named my blog after an old-American-measurement-apple-buying experience, but now I have listened to it, I actually feel that my name is rather perfect. Plus, Doris Day sang it and I adore her. Thank you very much indeed! It's nice to know that it made you smile.

    As for the sign, I chose the secret third answer: both. One needs sustenance before embarking on a shopping spree. Xx

  3. I would of gone Tea first!

    I loved singing that song I think I was wearing gingham and pigtails!


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