Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hey Nonny, Nonny

Last weekend saw us taking another lovely trip to the capital; this time, to see Catherine Tate and David Tennant in their last performance of 'Much Ado about Nothing'. The play itself is a firmly held favourite of mine - I spent hours of my teenage-hood daydreaming of playing Beatrice and marrying Kenneth Branagh. The production was excellent and had us in raptured stitches throughout. We met up with my darling sister an spent a delightful afternoon perambulating about in the sunshine with regular pauses for refreshment; barbecued ribs and salad at Camden Lock, cool, complimentary elderflower by the boating lake in Regent's park. We even had a bit of a boogie to the disembodied songs from 'Crazy for You,' coming from the open-air theatre. It was a wonderful weekend, except that it was far too short. The Ginge has been on nights this week, so we have barely seen each other since we got back, but we have got some exciting things coming up. We are in the process of renovating our house, starting with our bedroom. We have painted the walls (with the help of my lovely family) and have torn up the carpet to find some gorgeous, original floorboards, which are going to be sanded and sealed on monday. Can't wait to show you the before and after photos!  

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