Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lost & Found

Fittingly, I have searched for this film several times and have finally found it. It was shown at Christmas-time a couple of years ago and stole my heart entirely, both for its wonderful story and enchanting style. No matter how bad you feel, I guarantee that this will make everything better. 


  1. Always lovely when this happens x

  2. This book and film is possibly the best ever! My 2 love it... we saw it at the theatre earlier this year and that was incredible, funny, sad and warming. So Christmasy too. lou xx

  3. @Lou - so nice to know that other people love it as much as I do. Hope you and your lovely family are well and starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Xxx

  4. Hello, just discovered your blog today and its great, the funniest thing is though that i work for Studioaka (the animation company in Soho who created Lost and Found the film) i was just reading through your blog and saw your post about it! So glad you loved it! it was a joy to create and Oliver Jeffers the guy who wrote the book (which the film is based on) is such a lovely guy! wishing you a very happy Thursday and i shall spread the good news around work that we have a few more fans out there :) Gem

    1. So thrilled that you have found and enjoyed my blog and so awesome that you worked on 'lost & found'. It really is brilliant and your comment has made my day. Xx


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