Tuesday, 1 November 2011

More Autumn

1. Pumpkins galore
2. Cosy, comforting lunches of fish fingers, mash and peas
3. Wandering through leafy parks on my day off
4. Stumbling upon an avenue of blackthorns, dripping with sloes - bring on the gin!
5. Making an autumn wreath for my door, although it is nowhere near as good as the ones which inspired me herehere and here
6. My new boots - thank you to the lovely Cat of Take Courage for introducing me to Kate Kanzier


  1. Good choice on the boots! :D

    Cat xxx

  2. @Cat - I am so in love with the boots and get comments on them all the time. Xx

  3. @Dawn - Thank you. It is a good start, but I will have to get my act together and make a better one next year. The houses in New England just look so perfectly autumnal, all dressed up in leaves, berries and pumpkins. Xx


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