Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Very Treacle & Ginge Christmas

Seeing as it is very nearly twelfth night and all of our decorations will soon be packed up and put away for next year, I think it's about time that I finish off the last of my Christmas posts. As you know, the Ginge had to work over the Christmas period, so we had our own little celebration on the 29th. We got all dressed up and laid the table all special-like. His lovely mum sent him home with some of their leftover turkey and cranberry sauce, which with a few of my family's special hedgehog potatoes (so named by me and my sister when we were little, now an absolute requirement for any Christmas meal) and some veg made a very tasty supper indeed! The Ginge gave me some beautiful sheepskin mittens and a replacement bottle of the perfume he first bought me two years ago. I gave him The Ginger Pig meat book, very fitting for a ginger pig who loves meat, and a beautiful Stanley thermos flask, complete with a plan for a day of walking in the Peaks. We also opened presents from each other's parents: a super-smart shirt and tie for the Ginge and   Lucy Worsley's book about the history of the home signed especially for me (I literally shouted WOW! AMAZING! for five minutes when I opened it). The whole evening left us feeling very smug; with our gifts both given and received, our scrumptious dinner and, above all, with each other. Added to the wonderful time I spent at home with my family and our brilliant New Year with friends, I can honestly say that this Christmas was the best ever. What a lucky Treacle! 

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