Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just Us and the Big City

A few weeks ago, the Ginge passed his membership exams and thankfully we managed to squeeze a couple of days off so that we could go to his admission ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians. It was an extremely proud moment for both of us. The Ginge was calm and confident as he collected his certificate, whilst I just beamed from the visitors gallery. It was lovely  to spend some time relaxing and wandering in London. Everything that happened, we needed; the opportunity to celebrate all of his hard work paying off, a chance to stay with dear friends,  Shakespearean belly-laughs watching Twelfth Night at the Globe and quiet moments with tea and a beloved view. Simple, spontaneous, familiar and exploratory with room for joy and calm in equal measure. Just after I took the last photograph, I realised my shoulders had dropped; relinquishing their usual tense grip over my body and giving way to relaxation. Sometimes it's hard to find moments like that, but when we do, our life truly feels so sweet.  

Photographs taken at Fleet River Bakery, The Royal College (old and new), 
Le Comptoir, The Globe and Tate Modern. 


  1. Beautiful pictures and words. I love your stump teapot shot with St Paul's in the background, it makes me feel like I'm in Tate Modern with you! x

  2. How lovely to have had a weekend like that! And the moment of realisation that you are actually RELAXED!! Lovely pics, thanks for sharing, and glad to have come across you and your blog x


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