Sunday, 3 March 2013

January in Paris

I have been caught up in a love affair with Paris ever since I  first sat, awestruck in the sun-basked Jardin des Tuileries at the age of six. Since then, I have spent many a happy few days deepening my love for the city; including a gorgeous summer trip with my lovely sister in August. I am  therefore a very lucky girl as I managed to slip away with the Ginge for another four days, this time in January. As with all of our holidays, the main plan was to wander and absorb, to fill-up on delicious food, wine & coffee and to wallow in each others company. I have to say that we did this exceptionally well, even for us! Every morning we found a new little cafe serving strong espresso, crunchy french bread and fruity conserves to prepare us for days in the bitter cold and snow. Days were spent introducing the Ginge to my favourite parts of the city. Le Marais with its winding streets, quirky design shops and the majestic Place des Vosgues. Les Halles with its cobbled streets, tiny cafes and incredible food shops. We strolled along the Seine, with Juliette Greco playing in my head all the while. We revelled in the splendour of the Musee d'Orsay and I melted, as I do everytime into the beauty of Les Nympheas at L'Orangerie. We struck gold with dinners in simple, but stunning little restaurants and we got to ride on trains there and back. All in all, it was my kind of trip. Now I just have to persuade myself that it would be unreasonable to go back for a third time in twelve months. 


  1. Wow such beautiful pictures and you capture Paris so perfectly it looks like you had the place to yourselves! I really want to go back there think I'll be looking for some special offers on the Eurostar tonight :) xx

  2. There is something nostalgic about those photos that I really like...x

  3. Stunning photos Naomi, I visited Paris last month again last month, loved it as always! But your photos are exquisite xxx


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