Tuesday, 31 December 2013


On the blog-front, 2013 hasn't been particularly successful. I have only managed to post a grand total of five times, which somewhat belies the year we have actually had. Whilst not all of these events made it onto these pages, 2013 will always be the year when:

  • We cycled through poppy-dotted cornfields in the Loire Valley
  • Wonderful friends visited from across the ocean
  • I learned to swim with my head under water
  • The boy turned 30 dressed in Lederhosen
  • I learned how to make a hand-tied bouquet and to ice a wedding cake
  • We had a snowy long-weekend in Paris
  • My Dad made me a rocking chair
  • I survived the hardest job I've ever done
  • We watched precious friends get married
  • I fell in love with the North Norfolk Coast
  • The boy got the job of his dreams
  • I helped deliver lots of lovely babies
  • My hometown flooded on Christmas Eve
  • Best of all, I got engaged to my boy by the banks of a dusky reservoir.  


  1. Also, of course, the year you learn that staple-less staplers exist ^_~ xx

  2. Congratulations - and a Happy New Year to you both Naomi!

  3. Stunning ring, a massive congratulations, how very exciting. D xx

  4. Thank you so much, you lovely ladies!
    We are mega excited. Hopefully more blogging will happen and I can tell you all about it! Xx


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