Sunday, 20 February 2011

Antiques and Curry

It has been a bitterly cold weekend in Sheffield. It actually snowed yesterday. We decided to warm the cockles by pottering around some antique shops, looking at cozy, homely, old things. It was amazing. So many things I wanted to buy - if only I had more money and more space! 

Andy found some brilliant old scales and I got very excited by this scooter. It was all I could do not to jump on it and whiz off down the road! 

They seemed to have a rather extensive collection of stuffed pandas. I love the one on the left. He looks so unimpressed! 

To continue warming ourselves up, we went to our favourite restaurant: East and West. In my experience, it is the best Indian food outside of India. We had this incredible Thali. It took me straight back to all of the delicious meals I have eaten in India and all of the wonderful people that I ate them with. 

To quote one of them(the beautiful Casey Heffron), 
"it made my heart so happy!" 

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