Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I've been doing a lot of that lately. I've been musing on what exactly I am doing, why I am doing it and how on earth I'm meant to get it done! 

The idea that, by July I will have written an entire thesis and three more chapters of my book is quite unfathomable. The thought both depresses me and scares me. I have been whittling away at my concerns about it for a while now and have been feeling really down. It's not like me to feel like that. I'm usually sickeningly upbeat about things. 

I had very good reasons for wanting to this extra degree and it will be worth it in the long run, but just at the moment, I can't seem to feel anything but indifference towards it. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. All I seem to be able to muster is a sort of dispassionate mental shrug. 

I am trying to reignite myself over this by imagining how good it will feel once it's all over and how much I will have achieved, despite feeling distinctly uninspired, at times. 

Sorry to go all philosophical on you. I'll leave you with something that really does inspire me. 

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