Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Great Basil Contest

Andy is of the opinion that he is something of a basil-whisperer. He has been making all sorts of wild claims about his abilities to keep plants alive. So, when we were in the supermarket the other day, struggling to decide which basil plant to buy, I hit upon the idea of allowing him to prove himself one way or another, by having a basil-off!
Here is my plant, Daphne. She is a delightful Greek Basil. I must say that whilst I am well-versed in the general principles of plant-growing, I lack knowledge of the finer points of basil-care. 
I am therefore taking a leaf out of Barbara Good's book and using love and encouragement to get Daphne her gold medal. I may even play her a little classical music. If I were a plant, I think I would grow for Vaughan Williams. 
This is Andy's plant: a regular basil. I doubt he has named it, but I shall call him Mr. Fawlty. Andy is being very cagey about the whole affair, but I believe his principal tactic is to concentrate on maintaining adequate leaf-turgor, by carefully timed watering. 
I will keep you posted about our progress, but for now, all I will say is: may the best basil win!

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