Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Monster Awakes

Well, Andy and I have just got back from a lovely skiing trip to Val Thorens. As I said in my last post, it was the first time I have ever been (apart from a couple of lessons on the dry-slope, before we went), so it was very exciting indeed!
What a week we had! I spent my mornings as a debutante in the Ecole de Ski, whilst Andy ragged it down the slopes with the experienced skiers, as fast and as hard as possible. 
Lunchtimes were spent eating delicious french food en ensemble. Most days it was too cold to be outside, but on the last day it was so sunny and warm that we sat outside to catch some rays, whilst drinking beer and tucking into amazing pizza. 
In the afternoons, I either had some extra skiing practice with Andy or chilled out in the spa with everyone else. Evenings were mostly spent eating (yes, more food!) and dancing, which gave rise to some of the highlights of the trip, including a dance-off with a crazy dutch guy and getting told that our collective dancing skills were 'super-stylee'! 
There are so many reasons why this holiday was so special, not least because it was a 'holiday' - some actual time away from it all! The mountains are so breathtakingly beautiful that everything else virtually melts away as soon as you look at them and the adrenaline rush of throwing yourself down a mountain is the best way to remind yourself that you're alive! I must say that I have developed a bit of a penchant for going extremely fast, hence the nickname 'monster'.  
It was so wonderful to be away with Andy, spending some quality time together and doing something that he is so utterly passionate about. I don't think I have ever wanted to do something for anyone as badly as I wanted to be good at skiing for him! The group of people we went with was superb; a mismatch of close friends, friends-of-friends and family that couldn't have worked out better. 
I miss them already and wish I could be back on the slopes, after a long day of skiing, looking out over this incredible view. It's crazy that this photo was taken a mere 48 hours ago and now I am back in front of my computer, getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. 

Still, there is always next year. 
I am now officially hooked! 

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