Friday, 15 April 2011

Craving Home

Despite having lived away from home for almost five years now, I still get terribly homesick, from time-to-time. I miss the little things like having breakfast at our kitchen table and eating lunch in the garden, surrounded by the beautiful flowers my Mum plants in her higgledy-piggledy, exploding country garden style. I miss going into the kitchen to delve into tins where cakes lie in wait for my greedy hands. I love walking up the lane in my treasured wellies, spotting blushing wild flowers, twittering hedgerow birds and fat cows along the way. I miss cycling along the towpath, waving at barges and stopping for a well earned beer in the sun. I miss the train line; the way you can cross it on foot and the fact that a rogue steam train might appear out of nowhere, heralded to enthusiasts only by its unmistakeable clatter. I miss the perfectly majestic buildings, made homely to me by years of fascinated adoration. I love the tea shops, the book shops, the little secret places where I can slip away from the world. 
 Next weekend is Easter, so I will be going home. I simply cannot wait! First stop, Jika Jika for a cup of my favourite tea: Apple Loves Mint. 

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