Friday, 15 April 2011

Treats at Breakfast

I had just finished writing my previous post, when Andy arrived home from having his haircut, with a treat breakfast. He has been working really long hours in the hospital this week and I have been at home alone, furiously typing away at my dissertation, so it was the perfect antidote for the quality Treacle and Ginge time that we have been missing. He even brought me back a little cherry blossom. What a lovely chap!
I have never visited Japan, but my sister has and her description and photographs of the vast swathes of blossom are breathtaking. I don't really have a 'before-I-die' list, but if I did, Hanami would definitely be on it. 
Speaking of which, Artemis and Nao from Rust: made in England are currently selling these beautiful Sakura necklaces, to raise money for their family's hometown, Kesennuma in Japan, which was badly affected by the Tsunami. I am putting away my pennies so that I can buy one and so should you! 

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