Monday, 23 May 2011

A Casual Bit of Morris

The good things: Andy has done his exam (phew - six hours of exams in one day is horrid) and I finished my choir conducting for the year on a fantastic high; a wonderful concert of stunning music.

The slightly less good things: I am still super-busy with everything research-related. This weekend was the third-in-a-row that I have had to work in the lab and I still have six weeks to go. 

The nice things: Last weekend, the Ginge and I had an afternoon out on the town. We started with a glass of lovely English sparkling wine at The Milestone. Crisp, light, refreshing, decadent. It got us both very excited for our summer holiday in Sussex, where we will be able to visit lots of little vineyards to try a glass or two of lovely wine. We were passed, on our way out, by a Morris-dancer, who we decided to follow (at a suitable distance, obviously). They led us to what can only be described as a Morris convention. How wonderful. Quintessentially English. The jingly sound and beribboned colour of the country summer. We couldn't help but tap our feet and bob on the spot in time with the bells and left feeling refreshed by the injection of simple, traditional joy. 

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