Monday, 16 May 2011

Outdoor Baking

I needed to bake a cake yesterday afternoon, but not just any cake; Sophie Dahl's flourless chocolate cake - a seriously tasty treat. Unfortunately, the recipe requires the use of a food processor; a rather loud piece of equipment, the use of which is less than appreciated by housemates who are sleeping before a night shift. The Ginge came up with the sterling idea of setting everything up outside. What a plan! I baked, whilst he read the paper and we both had a glass of cider and listened to some old tunes on our new, very pretty radio. It was so lovely to do everything in the fresh air - I felt like a TV cook. I obviously made sure that I had enough mixture left to lick the bowl, but the Ginge wasn't having any of it. Apparently, he doesn't like cake mixture. I think there is something very wrong there. 

Whisking egg whites by hand  is tiring work...

...but the rewards are scrumptious.
We devoured the cake and I am convinced it tasted better for having been baked outside.


  1. Ooo yummy! love the Sophie Dahl cookbook, and yours looks very stylish with all those dark berries. M is not a bowl licker either - works out better for us though!

  2. Why thank you! I was rather pleased with it - mostly because I ate considerably more of it than anybody else. X

  3. Thank you very much. Definitely my favourite shoes of all time - I think I have had them re-soled three times now as I can't bear to be without them!


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