Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Spot of Gardening and a Surprise for my Ginge

Well now, I was going to post this last night, but didn't quite get round to it, which is rather funny, given this morning's discovery. I am going to post it anyway, though as it is much happier than the more recent event. 

I have mentioned before that our yard needs quite a bit of attention. If I had a magic wand or lots of money, I would turn it into a lovely little back garden with a luscious green lawn (barely bigger than a stamp) with flowers and herbs and tomato plants growing in pots. I would turn the tumble-down outhouse into a gorgeous little shed and spend every sunny moment lapping it all up. Unfortunately, I have neither a magic wand, nor lots of money, but on Sunday I decided that I had to do something, so I trundled off to a little shop I know that sells lovely herbs and to a somewhat bigger one that sells compost, then spent the rest of the afternoon getting my hands very dirty indeed. The result was four beautiful pots of French lavender, a bay tree, a mix of herbs: rosemary, oregano and lemon thyme and a perfectly prim little box tree. The Ginge was at work all day, so it was a very charming little surprise for him to come home to (all in aid of celebrating him cleverly getting his new job), made all the  more delightful by some candles in jars and a barbeque picnic. I covered-up our hideous concrete floor with a lovely blanket and cushions and we had royal wedding 'Big Willy' sausages from our local butcher, with apple and rocket salad, new potatoes and a pot of Wiltshire cider and tomato chutney, not forgetting a bottle of actual cider for toasting purposes. It wasn't the warmest of evenings as it was quite windy, so we had to bundle ourselves up in woolly jumpers and erect a cunning windbreak around the tiny barbeque, but it was just what we both needed. It makes such a difference to open the door to something so beautiful and it is such a pleasure to see (and eat) the fruits of one's labours. 


  1. oh looks perfect! I too am in need of wand and money.. our garden is very big though so in one way I'm a lucky girl.. in another the task is beyond daunting and it's going to cost a lot to get rid of plants I don't want before I even consider spending money on it to make it pretty!

    hey ho! might lead by your example and buy some pots.. little steps!

  2. I am very jealous of your big garden. One day, is what I keep telling myself. Pots are definitely the way forward, just don't leave them outside where mean passers by can easily run off with them! Xx


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