Thursday, 28 July 2011

Home on the Range

Blimey, it's been ages! I have been computer-free for the past couple of weeks, whilst I took some lovely time to go on holiday. The Ginge and I spent a blissful week in Sussex - more to follow - and I am now at home with my family in sunny Wiltshire. I am so happy to be back with team Treacle, especially as I have hardly been able to spend any time at home this year. Life is very rose-tinted in the aftermath of my hand-in and I feel utterly spoiled by the simplest of things. I have been munching homegrown red currants, cooking tasty garden meals, getting my hair cut (for the first time in months, thank god), browsing through antique shops in Frome, lunching at the Glove Factory (wishing I could be an artist so that I could own a studio there), being silly with my sister, finding new places to drink coffee and moseying around the gorgeous Walcot and Broad Streets in Bath (more here). I love Sheffield, but it is wonderful to be at home. 


  1. Oh I thought I recognised some of those pictures - you're just round the corner! Enjoy your time off and I love your pics!

  2. Such a lovely place to be - I just wish I could be there for more of the time! You leave the nicest comments - I am sporting a massive grin! Xx


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