Monday, 22 August 2011

Life as we Know it

Gosh, what a couple of weeks we have had. The Ginge has started a new job in a new hospital (a bit far away for my liking) and I have just started my final year of university. It is now five years since I started at medical school, so it is very exciting to think that this time next year, I will actually be a doctor. We are both settling in very nicely and enjoying our respective challenges. I am particularly enjoying being in an environment where people outnumber pipettes. In between working, we have been doing some very lovely things. Croquet and boules in the garden in Norfolk; learning the intricacies of the former from the Ginge's dad and reminiscing over playing the latter on childhood camping holidays in France. The familiar plunk as the ball hits the ground and the elusive click of a direct hit. A walk up to Bradfield, a small village outside of Sheffield; realising that I feel at home there and dreaming of making the views and the fields my own. A wander around Sharrow and Eccleshall; finding a perfect little shop specialising in restored antiques, falling in love with our new wardrobe and chest of drawers (pictures to follow soon). Playing housewife; baking carrot muffins for breakfast, eating them hot and soft from the oven, smothered with cool yoghurt and sweet honey. Relishing in our glut of vegetables, turning them into a fresh and fragrant summer soup to be eaten in the sunshine. Helping the Ginge to recreate a childhood holiday meal, including takeaway chips collected in a saucepan; confirming that I love the silly small things that we share with each other, just as much as the big stuff. 

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