Friday, 5 August 2011

Little London

I have never lived in London, but have always seemed to gravitate towards it. I love to dig down to the heart and soul of a place, especially one with so much history, and like nothing better than a wander and an explore. So, here are some snippets of two London visits we have made in the last few weeks.  
The zodiac clock at Hampton Court, where we spent a lovely, post-M25 afternoon on our way home from Sussex. 
An amazing light bulb at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes - a gloriously retro place to spend an evening. We actually went there for drinks with my lovely, childhood friend Krysia, but must go back there to bowl! 
Deliciously fresh juice at Greenwich Market. Mine's the pink one - beetroot and apple. Yum. 
A fantastic day out in the East End with great friends. 
I really want to get my hands on a Carrom Board.
A cake shop called Treacle, just for me. 
The strikingly colourful Columbia Road. The Ginge was very relieved that we had no room in the car, otherwise I might have gone a bit mad buying lavender, stocks and agapanthus. 
Scrumptious painted houses on Portobello Road.
My last-meal-before-I-die food would be Indian Street Food, most particularly the Calcuttan delicacy; the Kati Roll.  Until recently, I thought these were only available from their native city, however there is now a little place on Poland Street, which does a good attempt at the real thing.  
One of my favourite walks - Little Venice to Primrose Hill, along the Regent's Canal. 
Canal-side life looks idyllic. If I ever move to London, this might just be the way forward. 
I was so sad to see this shop all boarded up. It used to be the most perfect, old fashioned hardware shop. 
Who could resist a stop at Marine Ices on a hot day? Mine will be one scoop of Strawberry and one of Melon. The Ginge will struggle to decide, but will probably plump for the cherry.  
Who would go to Madame Tussauds? 

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  1. Some of my favourite bits of London! And, have said this to Zoe Conversation Pieces about here recent post, and realise you posted this before all the riots, but just to say how happy it makes me to see positive London posts, despite the past crazy, shocking week in the capital.


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