Monday, 17 October 2011


The things I have loved about Autumn, so far this year:

1. A rainy walk in Bath
2. Hot, comforting breakfast burritos in Jika Jika
3. Roasted root vegetables for lunch
4. Wearing my wellies
5. Farmers' markets
6 &7. Breton cider and galettes at Aubrey's
8. Sitting outside in the sun, bundled up in my favourite coat
9. Blood-red rowan berries
10. Countryside walks, searching for wildlife (I thought I saw a water vole, but it turned out to be a rat)
11. Kicking up dry, swishy leaves
12. The late afternoon sun catching on geometric spider mansions

What have been your autumn highlights so far? 


  1. great autumn post. i love this time of year too! ps amazing advent idea! thank you! x

  2. Where is your lovely coat from? I want itttt!

  3. @Cat, the tweed one is from Joules. It's a couple of years old, but they seem to bring out a new, but similar version of it every year. The other one is by Heide Ost and was bought from a little shop in Bath called 'Blue'. See links...Xx


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