Wednesday, 26 October 2011


You may have noticed that the Ginge and I love exploring new places, especially ones with a fascinating history, beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for eating. This weekend, we found a lovely little place called Saltaire, just outside of Bradford. The village itself is built around some beautiful old victorian mills, which have since been converted into a complex of galleries, restaurants and shops, selling everything from poetry-books to antique bobbins, Swedish furniture and hurdy gurdies. We spent the day dreaming of converting an industrial building into a house, reading books about foraging and wandering along the canal in the low, golden sunshine (I also decided I would like to learn to play the lute). We ate mushroom pizza, drank coffee milkshakes and felt altogether autumnal. 
I hope you are all enjoying Autumn as much as we are. More to come soon, including some delicious pumpkin muffins to bake. 

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