Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Wrapping

Ooh, we're nearly there and I am so excited! I finished wrapping the Ginge's presents yesterday and have left them under our tree for when we are next together for our own mini-Christmas. He is working on the big day, to which I personally say a massive bah-humbug, but I am sure that his patients will be cheered by his jolly little face on Christmas morning, which makes me very proud. Anyway, I am very pleased with my wrapping this year. A while ago, I bought an old book, which at the time of purchase looked like an innocent nature handbook, but after close reading turned out to contain some rather racist sentiments in the 'homo sapiens' section. Not wishing to have it on my shelf any longer, I decided to cut out some of the beautiful animal illustrations for my labels and used some text pages to make snowflakes. Giving presents is my favourite part of Christmas. I love searching for the perfect present and making things I know people will enjoy. I love making the wrapping look beautiful and most of all, I love watching peoples' faces when they open their gifts. Not long now...

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