Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

What a year, eh? Is anyone else secretly glad it's over? For me, the past twelve months have mostly been defined by seemingly relentless work and the feeling of being pulled in several different, equally important directions at once. Don't get me wrong, I achieved a lot of stuff this year, perhaps more than in any other year of my life, but at times I really struggled to find time for the fun stuff, for me and for the important people in my life. Not good. I've never really got into making new year's resolutions, but maybe that's because I have never really wanted to make a change. 

Last night, the Ginge and I sat down and talked about all the stuff we loved about last year (moving-in together, skiing and playing beach cricket featured heavily) and the things we hated (mostly, being too busy). We came up with a list of our own resolutions, suggested some for each other and made a pact to help each other keep them. So, you guys are witness to this - I resolve to:

1.  Spend more time with my family
2.  Be braver and do myself justice  
3.  Go to the Lake District for my birthday
4.  Work hard to be ready to start work confidently in August
5.  Spend more time with/keeping in touch with true friends
6.  Finish more projects in the house e.g. paint my drawers
7.  Spend more time walking in the peaks 
8.  Go to the States in the summer 
9.  Join a ballet class
10. Do the washing up more often
11. Cycle to work more
12. Be 'me' and be proud of what I do(the Ginge's suggestion)

What did you do for New Year? What are your resolutions? We had a lovely evening with great friends, eating delicious food, playing games and counting down to midnight with Jools Holland. Just a couple of pictures for you: 2012 Shepherds Pie and Lexicon decorations, inspired by Cat. Happy New Year everybody. 


  1. Ahhh I'm so chuffed you used the lexicon cards as decorations!! Happy New Year to you too, lovely lady! My 2011 was also a lot of hard work and I'm kinda glad to see the back of it too - here's hoping 2012 will be a little more relaxing xxx

  2. Lovely truth in your list, happy New Year! D x

  3. @Cat: Yey! So glad you like them. Here's to a year of us being awesome young women, who also find time to relax! Xx

    @Dawn: Thank you, it is a very heart-felt list and I am pleased to say that so far, things are going well. I've even booked a ballet class! Xx

  4. As well as you joining a ballet class, let's go and see a ballet! I've never been to one and have ALWAYS wanted to go!

    Also, I'm looking forward to some pictures of the painted drawers :) xx

  5. @Beckie - YES to the ballet! Beauty & the Beast, by the Northern is coming Sheffield in March, if you fancy it. Also, I will be painting the drawers as soon as my exams are over and will definitely post pictures! Xx


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