Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pin up

A while ago, whilst visiting the Ginge's parents, we stumbled upon a little brown paper bag packed to bursting with the badges and patches he earned whilst a scout. Being a sucker for nostalgia, I set out to find a way of using them in the house. Their sheer brightness and variety of colour reminded me, for some reason, of  butterflies displayed in cases. I have therefore been looking to buy a entomology display case for several months, with nothing more to show for myself than a few sharp intakes of breath and some silent gawping stares at the price of the things.  Apparently, taxidermy is an expensive hobby. The grand plan was to put every single badge in one big white case and maybe that will still happen one day, but for now we will have to settle with the smaller version. I found this 'memories case' in John Lewis of all places and apart from it's size, it is exactly what I was looking for. I therefore spent a very happy Sunday afternoon pinning in some of the Ginge's most poignant badges; the first ever Gang Show he took part in, a badge from Andorra where he would one day work as a ski instructor, the Natural History Museum (no explanation needed for geeks like us), a mountain (his most favourite place to be), the scout crest, the Sandringham gates which are just down the road from where he grew up, his 'Sixer' patch and one commemorating the 75th anniversary of the cubs. It's a lovely mix of childhood memories and the things that make him who he is. It's no great work of art and would mean very little to most people, but I am very pleased with it and I smile every time I walk past it. The Ginge loves it too, which is just as well. 

P.S. Thank you so much for all the lovely well-wishes. I am feeling much better this week; all the more so for your wonderful kindness. 


  1. Oh this is so amazing! I feel really bad I did a big sort out the other day and threw my guide sash away which had all my badges on. When I told my mum she looked like she would cry!! I didn't have the happiest of memories in the guides so figured it was ok but really should have thought of the consequences of dear mother hen :) glad you're feeling better!x

    1. Oh bless her, whoops! I completely understand though. I had a terrible time at Brownies, hated every minute of it and came out with about two badges. I never made it to guides. Xx

  2. I found my old badges from Brownies and this is what I will do with them, what a lovely idea Naomi! x

  3. Oooh I thought of butterflies too. And then the recent Great Expectations adaptation. And then young Pip...!

    Great idea x

  4. Lovely idea, but i too hated Brownies! I remembered recently that i got a badge for Housekeeping (back in the 80s) - a bunch of us had to go to Brown Owl's House and clean it in order to earn the badge. She probably had Brownies go clean her house every week - we were obviously a free cleaning service!!

  5. Still missing your online presence and hope all is well with you, have been meaning to say that I love this idea!
    Best, Dawn x


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