Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tea Break

Just a quick break from my revision to thank everybody who has entered my giveaway so far and to remind those of you who haven't to do so before 12.00 midday tomorrow. It is extremely cheering that you have all liked the pictures as I wasn't at all sure what to expect when I first posted them. So far, favourites include 'The Bench' (it is in my garden, in the summer house my Dad built from scratch and the blanket was crocheted by my great grandmother), 'The Car' (a Morris Minor parked at the last point reachable by car, before a short walk to a perfect field for a picnic, overlooking Tellisford Weir in Wiltshire) and 'Icecream' (this is my personal favourite and was taken down a back alley on my favourite road in Sharrow, Sheffield). Enter the giveaway here. I had my first exam this morning. It was hard. Fingers crossed tomorrow is better. Nothing like a homemade chocolate chip cookie and a browse through beautiful blogs to make everything seem better. 


  1. Glad in the midst of the difficult exam you have been encouraged with the response to your give away x

  2. I wish you well for your exams! (my first is next Friday - I couldn't be more anxious) x


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